Problem: “Use your time valuably.”

Jen DeLeon sits with Problem to talk about the “Life Lessons” he learned while creating “Chachiville” from using your time valuably, priorities and more.

0:41 // Chachiville
1:00 // Taking on a new mentality
1:17 // Making the most out of your down time
1:55 // Common misconceptions about artists
2:00 // Changing priorities in your career
3:17 // Succeeding despite being street raised
3:33 // Seeing and treating everyone at the same level
4:01 // Most meaningful tracks
4:47 // “Betta watch yo self”
5:07 // Triggering emotions with music
5:35 // Balancing music
5:57 // The new era of music listening
7:00 // Digging deeper into making music
8:20 // Juggling being a father and an artist career
9:00 // Sacrificing to meet goals

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