Free Time is DANGEROUS!

It keeps you from getting things done

Don’t Get Pulled in Different Directions

Stick to your plan

Security Kills Creativity

A check isn’t worth your passion.

It’s Better to be Single Than to Settle for Less!

Don’t settle.

God is Always Watching From a Distance

I went independent in August 2016 and wanted to downsize my apartment to prepare for the future because my rentRead More

Create Your Own Opportunities

I’ve always wanted my own show, but I wasn’t going to wait around for a network to give me theRead More

Don’t Miss Out On Your Blessings!

Are you doing what you’re supposed to?

Oprah, It’s Time For Us To Meet Again

Oprah Jen DeLeon Interview

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

I’ve Been Bullsh*tting

Be honest with yourself.

Why You Haven’t Received “My Church Notes”

I swear, I have a good reason!

Never Stop Doing The Things That Got You Started

Lately, I have been slowly watching the numbers on my blog drop while my YouTube numbers kept going up. I can’tRead More

5 Struggles You’ll Face While Building Your Brand

You’re not alone!

The Most Life-Changing Year I’ve Ever Had… And It’s Only April

Hi. It’s technically April 2, 2016 because it’s passed midnight. When do you think it’s a new day?  I sayRead More

My Church Notes

I am so excited to share the book I’ve been working on all year – #MyChurchNotes! I attend church or listenRead More

Two Lessons I Want You To Learn From My Miracle

I’ve been quiet lately because I needed to soak this in. Last weekend that u-haul was coming 50mph head firstRead More

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