Get Rid Of Your Timeline

Or you’ll end up miserable

Let God Be God

You can’t change the outcome!

Stop Walking on Eggshells

Be Who You Are

If It Doesn’t Open, It’s Not Your Door

The door you keep trying to open is never going to open – Stop trying to open the same door!

My First Job Was Dairy Queen

I always get asked, “how did you get your start?” I wasn’t born into the entertainment industry and definitely didn’tRead More

Get Your Shit Together

Here’s what I’m starting with.

I (Don’t) Have My Shit Together

And you probably don’t either.

Stop Comparing Your Life/Success To Someone’s Instagram!

It’s not their reality.

You’re Running Out of Time

You don’t have as much time as you think.

Free Time is DANGEROUS!

It keeps you from getting things done

Don’t Get Pulled in Different Directions

Stick to your plan

Security Kills Creativity

A check isn’t worth your passion.

It’s Better to be Single Than to Settle for Less!

Don’t settle.

God is Always Watching From a Distance

I went independent in August 2016 and wanted to downsize my apartment to prepare for the future because my rentRead More

Create Your Own Opportunities

I’ve always wanted my own show, but I wasn’t going to wait around for a network to give me theRead More

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