Why Do You Want Attention?

If you are going to follow me or watch one of my videos or interviews – I want to makeRead More

You Don’t Need A Co-Sign

One of my friends has been wanting to go after her career, but felt he/she couldn’t because he/she didn’t haveRead More

Stop Letting Everyone Into Your Home!

I am very particular about who I allow into my home and even letting people know where I live justRead More

10 Reasons Why You’re Not Happy

Happiness Starts With You

Develop Your Understanding

See Things Right

Declutter Your Life

Home, Phone, People, Everything

Who Needs Help Paying Their Bills?

Together We Good

Love Yourself or Nobody Will

Do you truly love yourself?

My 10 Complete Fails

But at least I tried

Stop Playing The Victim

It was your choice

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over

It’s Better Than Being Stuck

Pay Attention To People’s Patterns

Save yourself from disappointment.

Not Everyone Can Go With You To The Next Chapter Of Your Life

Sometimes the reason we can’t get to the next chapter and level of our life is because of the peopleRead More

Get Rid Of Your Timeline

Or you’ll end up miserable

Let God Be God

You can’t change the outcome!

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