Skyspace Slide: Los Angeles

I went to the new SkySpace Los Angeles to try the SkySlide on the 70th floor of the US BankRead More

The Fanciest Wendy’s I’ve Ever Seen

No really, I was confused.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Blessings!

Are you doing what you’re supposed to?

Oprah, It’s Time For Us To Meet Again

Oprah Jen DeLeon Interview

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Public Statement: I Was Not Friends with the Alleged Baton Rouge Shooter (Gavin Long)

I’ve Been Bullsh*tting

Be honest with yourself.

What Hip-Hop Trend Are You Sick Of?

SkeeTVĀ had Jen DeLeon hit the streets of Hollywood to ask people what hip-hop trend they’re sick of. HereĀ is a listRead More

Tumbling Days

One thing I really miss about high school is cheerleading, so I started looking for the videos from the seasonsRead More

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