Ask Jen: “I don’t have a following, what advice do you have on reaching the people?”

You don’t need a million followers.

Ask Jen: Which preachers do you listen to?

I attend church and watch at least one preaching per week, sometimes even three. I shared that on Instagram, andRead More

Ask Jen: What do you want for Christmas?

This year went by so fast, I can’t believe Christmas is already around the corner. Yesterday, someone asked me whatRead More

Ask Jen: How did you balance a normal career and still go after your dreams?

Hi Jen, I wanted to reach out to you, maybe for some guidance. I am local Chicagoan as well. I’mRead More

Ask Jen: Do you have any advice for someone wanting a job in Journalism?

QUESTION: Do you have any advice for someone wanting a job in Journalism? I get asked this question very, very often soRead More

Ask Jen: I keep getting curved by females!

Last week, someone submit an question – well, I guess it wasn’t really a question, here’s what he said: “I keepRead More

Ask Jen: Are You Done With HotNewHipHop?

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, I announced my new position as the Editor-in-Chief of Skee.TV – andRead More

Ask Jen: What Do You Look For In A Guy?

I get asked this pretty often, so I wanted to make it into a post. What do I look for inRead More

Ask Jen: The Ridiculous Idea of God

Question: Why is it that such a seemingly smart, educated girl such as yourself believes in something as ridiculous as theRead More

Ask Jen: How Porn Has Affected Me

Question: What are your thoughts on porn? Today, I wanted to talk about something raunchy – think porn fits that.Read More

Ask Jen: Religion vs Relationship

Question: What’s your religion?  For those who know me personally or follow me on any social media, know that IRead More

Ask Jen: My Secret Thongs

Yes, I dedicated a whole post for this. Question: Do you wear thongs? Do you think thongs are trashy? LolRead More

Ask Jen: There Is No Such Thing As An Unanswered Prayer

Question: What can I do for my unanswered prayers? I got an email from someone by the name of DRead More

Ask Jen: How did you learn to make a website? How important is it to have a website?

Ask Jen: How do you deal with the peer pressures of hip-hop, and stay faithful to God at the same time?

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